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About us in a snapshot

We’re not modest about our achievements – we’re a team with skill and experience in strategic and media development, online delivery and creativity.
And we’ve got more than nineteen years of FRESCO service to prove it.

FRESCO is proudly Wellington based, owned and managed by the directors, Sheridan Bruce and Fraser Carson.

In 1993 FRESCO was New Zealand’s first specialist public affairs advertising agency. At that time traditional advertising and public relations techniques ruled. We set out to use the power of advertising as an alternative to conventional public relations, or to work with public relations specialists to create integrated campaigns.

By the late 1990s many agencies had followed suit into public affairs communications but in 2009 many remain entrenched in conventional thinking and media techniques. We seek to understand the changes occurring in society and the media so that we can stay ahead and deliver results.

Why we’re different

As the influence of conventional media outlets fragments or declines, New Zealanders increasingly move to the internet to gather the information that shapes their lives. It therefore follows that it increasingly determines the fate of organisations, companies and brands.

FRESCO’s mission is to understand these powerful trends and in doing so, we represent the future of public affairs communications.

Traditional marketing is about ‘selling’ to targets. This agency’s passion is for marketing and communications where a client’s environment is intensely subject to issues and events and where a case, not simply a sale, must be made; where the requirements are to build understanding, advocate points of view and develop constituencies of support. The real opportunity is to create communications that initiate worthwhile thought and dialogue rather than simply trying to force a mass market monologue.

We craft strategies and methods to identify people who are likely to care about an issue, cause or brand, find them online and in other places, and get them to listen. We then engage them, turning their casual interest into advocacy. Then we give them the tools to stay involved and motivated – and to recruit more people to the cause.

Teamwork, clear-headed thinking and an ability to break the mould of conventional communications thinking are essential.

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